Mobydick Records

“The Blues Experience” is the result of an unusual partnership between what is considered the best national Blues band, Bhudda Power Blues and the Jazz diva, Maria João.

We talk about a Blues record, but let’s not forget that this is an exercise in style. It’s a 21st century Blues record, largely influenced by all the sounds that are part of Maria João, Bhudda Guedes, Nico Guedes and the players on this record.

Composed by 10 songs that deal with very personal and often autobiographical subjects, “The Blues Experience” is a record that travels through various languages of the blues, the result of the challenge launched by Bhudda Guedes to Maria João. This album is edited with the Mobydick Records label.

Although largely influenced by the roots of the Blues, the sound of Bhudda Power Blues is not limited to the classics, considering Bhudda Guedes a citizen of the new millennium and therefore forced to seek new directions within the genre, as did all the Bluesman who preceded it.


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